Appointments & Contact Info

Treatments are available by appointment in Salmon Arm and Sorrento.

Please notify me of any health concerns or medical issues. 

Where applicable you will be draped during your treatment, undergarments may be worn if preferred. 

Please remove all jewellery and turn off cell phones.

Payment may be made in cash by cheque or E-transfer to [email protected]

Sessions may be booked for individual modalities, combination treatments, or intuitive treatments.

My favorite way of working is intuitively following the guidance of your body and The Universe, listening with my hands to its wisdom, for you are, in my opinion, the expert on you, even though you may not know it! 

An intuitive session may integrate methods, techniques and principals from any of the body and energy work philosophies I have been trained in, or even something unique to you, this is truly a heart centred healing experience.

Private one on one or group yoga sessions are available at my home studio in Notch Hill

One session may feel great, however, due to the nature of holistic treatments (being more effective over time), it is recommended that, for optimum results, a series of sessions is undertaken. Maintaining a regular treatment schedule has cumulative benefits resulting in an overall improvement of health and wellbeing.

Gift Certificates are available.

Fees: $100.00 per hour

To discuss the best options for you please contact Anne at:

Touching Lives Clinic

phone/text: 250-832-6602

by mail at: 1804 Davies Road, Sorrento, BC. V0E 2​W1

Clinic Locations: Available Only by Appointment

 Hours of Operation


in Sorrento


1804 Davies Road, Sorrento


Mondays 11 - 4

Wednesdays 9 - 5

in Salmon Arm

Tuesday & Thursday



Gypsy Moon Collective

201- 40 Lakeshore Drive

250 253 6135

 Salmon Arm, BC

Services available for retreats, conferences, wedding parties,  family reunions etc.

Please call text or e-mail for more information

250-832-6602           [email protected]