Touching Lives Centre of Holistic Studies

The goal of this centre is to teach students an integrated approach to health and wellness, with skills and techniques in various holistc disciplines and modalities, for the professional and non-professional alike.

  • Energy Healing Concepts (8 hours)

Getting in touch with and mastering our own energy with an overview of several energy healing techniques

  • Introduction to Shiatsu (8 hours)

A look at the origins, philosophy and practice of Shiatsu, its benefits, a self care routine and a technique to use on others to balance the body.

  • Introduction to Chakras (8 hours)

A look at their origins, teachings and practicing methods of getting in touch and balancing our own Chakras.

  • Journey Through The Rainbow (8 classes)

An in depth journey through the chakras, for self discovery, balance and healing. Modules include meditation, movement, journalling, projects and activities in relation to each of the seven chakras, also exploring the use of colour, essential oils and crystals.

  • Introduction to Indian Head Massage (8 hours)

A look at the origins, philosophies, benefits and practice of this technique.

  • Crystals for Beginners (8 hours)

A look at the history,lore and legend of crystals and how we can harness their energies and interact with them in our daily lives.

  • Wire Wrapping Crystals (3 hours)

Making a pendant with wire and stones

  • Making and Using a pendulum (4 hours)

Creating this tool and learning how to use it.

Practitioner Courses Available

at Touching Lives Centre of Holistic Studies, Sorrento, BC

The objective of the centre is

  • to provide students with practical and professional experiences in these modalities to strengthen and anchor their abilities
  • to guide students to combine different modalities into holistic session work
  • to complement and work synergistically with conventional medicine
  • to support students in the exploration of the intimate connection between body, mind and spirit in repect to overal health and well-being
  • to introduce students to the basic requirements of business management, ethics and communication in order to create a successful practice
  • to assist students on their personal journey towards being a holistic health professional

Career Opportunitieas

A variety of career opportunities exist for graduates.

  • as a practitioner in clinics, retreats, wellness centres, health spas, beauty salons, fitness centres, cruise ships and destination resorts
  • as support staff for chiropractors, osteopaths, naturpoathic and homeopathic doctors and physiotherapists
  • entrepreneurial opportunities in setting up your own private practice, clinic or spa with other practitioners or corporate on-site contracts

Aromatherapist & Essential Oil Practitioner Certification Training:

 (Meets the standards required by the BCAPA and BCAOA)

The study of the history, extraction, production, applications and pharmacology and profiles of over 70 essential oils, blending techniques, contraindications, client care, establishing a practice, foundations of practice, the human body - anatomy, physiology and pathology. 50 Case studies required.

Essential Oil Practitioner

 Investment: $500 per unit (4 units total) payment plan available.


Investment: $500 per unit (5 units total, includes massage componant) payment plan available.

Next Class: TBA


Next Class: TBA

investment $800 (payment plan available)

Reiki First Degree

Investment $200

Next Class: TBA

Reiki Second Degree

Investment $325

Next Class: TBA

Reiki Master: Investment $450

Next Class: tba

Reiki Master/Teacher: Investment $900

Next Class: tba

Relaxation Massage

Next Class: TBA

Investment $500

Chair Massage

Next Class: tba

De-Tox Relaxation Massage (European Lymphatic Drainage Style)

Next Class: tba

Shiatsu Level 1

Investment $400

Next Class: TBA

Shiatsu Level 2

Next Class: TBA

Shiatsu Level 3

Next Class: TBA

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  • Registration and deposit required.
  • Payment plans available.


Sorrento and Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada

REIKI (pronounced ray-key)Reiki is a gentle, effective holistic healing technique for balancing, healing and harmonizing of every aspect of ourselves; body, mind, emotions and spirit. It promotes deep relaxation and the release of tension, providing a sense of peace and security, an awakening of awareness and a connection to the Loving Universal Energy. Administered by lightly placing hands on, or close to the body. 

Reiki is not taught in the way other modalities are taught, the ability is transferred to the student from the Reiki Master during a series of attunements, which opens and clears energy pathways to enable the student to channel the Reiki Energy from its source.


  • 4 separate attunements
  • meditation
  • the origins and history of Reiki
  • the Reiki Lineage
  • the Reiki Principals
  • ethics and contraindications of practicing Reiki
  • how to use Reiki for self healing
  • creatively using Reiki
  • practicing Reiki
  • experiencing Reiki


  • 3 separate attunements
  • meditation
  • the 3 Reiki Symbols
  • their meaning, power, mantras and application
  • creatively using Reiki with the symbols
  • practicing Reiki with the symbols
  • experiencing Reiki with the symbols
  • establishing a Reiki Practice
  • Introduction to The Chakras our energy centres 

REIKI THIRD DEGREE WORKSHOP (Reiki Master) consists of

  • Attunement to the Reiki Master Symbol
  • meditation
  • How to draw the symbol
  • The mantra for the symbol
  • Ways of using the symbol
  • Responsibilities of a Reiki Master
  • Expanding Your Practice (Chakras, Sound, Crystals)

Next Scheduled Workshop:  Spring 2021


  • Preparations for Teaching
  • meditation
  • Learning Attunement Protocols
  • How to teach Reiki First Degree
  • How to teach Reiki Second Degree
  • How to teach Reiki Third Degree
  • How to teach Reiki Fourth Degree
  • Shadowing & Assisting Your Reiki Master(s) during both Reiki First and Second Degree workshops
  • Supervised Attunements of students
  • Personal & Spiritual Development
  • Responsibilities of a Reiki Master/Teacher