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Intuitively utilizing methods and principals from many body and energy work philosophies for heart centred healing. This is a unique creative process often combining hands on bodywork with Reiki, crystals, sound and essential oils... and it's my favourite and the most effective way to practice as its potential is boundless


Usui Reiki Healing

Hands on the body and in the aura

utilizing the vibrational healing properties of crystals, essential oils, Tibetan Bowls, Rattle & Drum

with Chakra and Aura Clearing & Balancing

For the Mind Heart and Soul

Guided Imagery & Visualization Therapy

Inner Child Work

Past Life Regression

Personal Growth & Development

Intuitive Readings

Distant Healing 


Essential Oil Therapy

Customized Aromatherapy Blends

TLC Crystal Esssence Blends

All blends are original creations combining the healing 

vibrations of crystals and organic or wild crafted, sustainable essential oils

Blends for Physical Body

Blends for Energy Body

Blends for Meridians

Blends for the Chakras

Blends for Mind

Blends for Emotional Wellbeing

Blends for Spirit


 ~ Massage ~

 Relaxation Massage ~ Indian Head Massage 

De-tox Massage ~ Target Massage ~ Chair Massage 

 Shiatsu ~ Reflexology

Integrated Body Therapy

(A Fusion of Cranio-lsacral Therapy with Orthobionomy,

 ZeroBalancing and Energy Balancing)

Intuitive Bodywork & Soul Guidance

Aura Cleansing and Balancing

The Aura is the protective energy envelope that surrounds, and interacts with our physical body. All living things have an energy field, plants, trees, animals. The aura constitutes a kind of blueprint of a persons soul,  a reflection of our conscious activity, personality, mood, mental, emotional physical and spiritual health, our values, attributes, character, even our history and our potential. It is a real time, moment to moment reflection of our true selves.  Like the physical body it can experience imbalance, this treatment detects these, clears them and re-establishes harmony. Using the vibrational frequencies of essential oils, crystals and sound.


This is the art and science of using pure, therapeutic essential oils for health and well-being. Essential oils are natures gift, extracted from plants, grasses, trees, roots, leaves and flowers, they provide us with a pharmacopia of remedies and solutions to physical, emotional and pschological and Spiritual issues. There are many ways to use these amazing oils, simply by inhalation, in the bath, topically, as a personal perfume and especially enjoyable and effective in a full body massage. An aromatherapy component can be added to any of the healing modalities offered by the practitioner, personalized specifically for your needs.

Aromatherapy Personal Therapeutic Oil Blends

To assist with just about anything you can think of from acne to urinary infections, to depression and hot flashes. There is an oil, or combination of oils that can help you. The physical and psychological benefits of using essential oils as part of your health and wellness regime are significant. E-mail, text or phone for more information.

Chair Massage

At work or on the go, a rejuvenating clothed and seated massage utilizing Eatern and Western techniques, a quick pick me up, great to relieve muscle tension and stress. Focussing on the back, neck, shoulders and arms. On site and mobile this is Ideal to book in your lunch hour or for corporate functions, retreats, music festivals, seasonal events, re-unions, parties, showers, gathering and get togethers or just because you deserve it!

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Inside every human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside physical world. At the same time, within us resides a system of subtle channels, (depending on which system or philosophy you follow, these are given names; meridians in Chinese medicine, or nadis In Ayurvedic medicine), and energy centres called chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel or vortex). These tend to our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being. Throughout our daily lives we receive information through these centres, this bombardment of data can cause an imbalance or dysfunction, which may keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns. This treatment encourages them to re-establish a balanced flow. I usually incorporate the use of crystals, essential oils, sound vibration, deep breathing and visualization.

Cleanse & De-tox programme

This is programme has been known to assist with the elimination of toxins, boost immunity, increase energy, improve skin tone, reduce the appearance of cellulite, encourage weight loss, aid digestion and elimination, improve sleep patterns and reduce stress.

The programme begins with a detailed consultation to determine your needs and set your goals, depending on what these are, you may be on a six, eight or twelve week progrogramme. Each week you will receive a variety of treatments and step by step guidance, to build on your strengths and address your vulnerablities, the aim is to provide you with a programme that you can mange without feeling overwhelmed. This is an individualized programme so it is tailor made for you, likely to include the following components:

  • Consultation
  • Exploration of internal and external stress factors
  • Dietery Review & Recommendations
  • Movement or Exercise Plan
  • Homework
  • Review and Adjustment
  • Exfoliation
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • De-tox Body Wrap
  • Aromatherapy blends for home use
  • Three Day Cleanse
  • Maintenance Plan

Emotional Release/Resolution

This is a process of clearing out-dated beliefs and thought patterns at their root. A simple step by step programme to address physical and emotional dis-ease, illness, blockage or imbalance. A powerful yet gentle guided healing process that uncovers specific unresolved issues from the past that have embedded themselves in our being, they are remembered by the tissues and cells of the physical body, often causing limitation or restriction, not only physically but mentally and emotionally too - sometimes these old issues are apparent in how we respond to current circumstances. We are stuck in a `holding pattern` and need to disengage from it. To do this we take a safe, guided step by step approach. At all times you are supported in this process, YOU are in charge, leading the way, wherever that may be. This is not a mental process, or analytical therapy, it is not about the story, it`s about the feelings we need to acknowledge, respect, express and release. By doing so we free ourselves to experience the grace, splendor and boundless potential of our authentic, amazing beautiful selves.

What clients have said about this process

`I was so afraid of what I might uncover, it wasn`t at all what I was great, I feel so much lighter now`

`oh my goodness, I didn`t realize what was holding me back, now that I do, I can move forward...nothing can stop me now!`

The pain in my back has never returned, who knew it was unresolved emotion that I wasn`t even aware of!`

`I couldn`t believe how simple this was, and so effective, wow`

`I can`t believe it, I`m not wearing my glasses anymore, and I didn`t even come for my poor eyesight!`

`I was uncomfortable to begin with... when my head was in the way, then...with Anne`s gentle support and guidance... such an amazing relief`

`simple, effective and profound`

`I had issues, now I feel free of them, I recommend this for everyone`

Counselling Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and focussed awareness - it allows us to access our unconscious self, that part we are not aware of, the same part that makes our hair grow and our heart beat. The unconscious is there to protect us, therefore you can only access the bits that are safe for you do do so, you can only go where you are ready, or want to go. Hypnosis is used in a variety of settings, from emergency rooms and dental offices to outpatients.

It is in this relaxed and focussed state that the mind becomes receptive to reprogramming and suggestion. In this state the client and therapist work together to bring forward inner processes - feelings, memories, images, wishes, it is these inner processes that can render the desired results.It is a safe way to connect with unexpressed or repressed emotions, in order to release them and heal. Hypnotherapy has been successful in treating a varity of issues including but not limited to; trauma, phobias, self-esteem issues, stress, anxiety, fears, exam nerves, performance anxiety, sports enhancement, smoking cessation, weightloss and post-operative recovery.

It is usual for a set of 6 to 10 sessions be untertaken.

Crystal Elixirs

Using the power of crystals in a liquid format, for physical, mental, emotional and energetic balance.

Distant Healing

An opportunity to receive an energy healing treatment across the miles. Energy has no limitation across space or time, active participation on behalf of the recipient is encouraged. At a pre-arranged date and time a healing session is performed using Universal healing energy of Reiki.

Distant Readings

Exploring your inner and outer journey using a unique combination of divination tools including oracle cards, crystals and intuitive guidance. After an initial on-line or telephone communication a reading is conducted, the result of which will be sent to you via e-mail or phone. Follow up communication is available by either method. Please call or e-mail the clinic for more information.

Energy Balancing

Science has long known that everything is energy, or vibrational frequency. The knowledge that an unseen energy flows through all living things and is connected directly to quality of life and health has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. Energy balancing uses this knowledge with a loving intention to bring about peace, relaxation and healing.

Energy Healing with Crystals

Working within the concept that everything has a vibrational frequency, and that one vibration always affects another. Illness and disease have specific frequencies, as do crystals and gemstones. Crystals can be viewed as a tuning fork, when placed within our energy field they will tend to activate a healing response. All crystals resonate different healing properties. Crystal Therapy is simply utilizing the healing vibrational frequencies of crystals & minerals to create balance and establish a pattern of health and vitality. Crystals may be placed on or around the body to bring it into balance.

Essential Oil Therapy

Using therapeutic grade essential oils to assist in the body's own innate healing potential to bring aboput physical and emotional well-being. A personal blend of essential oils is created to use in a variety of ways including, but not limited to inalation, diffusion, topical application for use at home and during treatments.

De -tox Massage

 (European Style Lymphatic Drainage Massage)

Slow gentle strokes in a specific sequence and an original blend essential oils are used to support the healing process whilst assisting with cleansing, circulation, relaxation and aiding the immune system. Particularly useful during a cleanse and after illness. Regular treatments have also been known to improve the texture and tone of the skin, relieve water retention, reduce the appearance of cellulite and assist with weight loss. This is a whole body massage treatment, including the abdomen.

Guided Imagery & Visualization Therapy

Using this effective technique to improve any (all) area(s) of your life, to facilitate the letting go of outdated thought patterns, beliefs and habits, creating space for positive mental thoughts, pictures, affirmations and action. Ideal for reducing stress, enhancing self image, improve creativity, setting and accomplishing goals.  You Can Do It! 

 Past Life Regression Using Guided Imagery & Visualization Therapy

Exploring programmed response patterns, from this or past lifetimes. You will clear these responses, empower yourself by reprogramming out dated thoughts and beliefs and initiating positive change in all aspects of your life. A prescription for transformation and personal empowerment.

Indian Head Massage

 This can be either a clothed and seated treatment or unclothed on a massage table, using traditional techniques from India. It involves work on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face. The movements are used to relieve accumulated tension and fatigue, stimulating circulation and mental clarity. Traditionally therapeutic oils are massaged into the scalp, this treatment is both stimulating and a deeply nurturing relaxation experience, it is concluded with a mini chakra clearing and balance.

Integrated Body Therapy

Using a variety of gentle manipulation and touch therapies including Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Ortho-bionomy, Zero Balancing, and Visceral Manipulation to gently re-align the body. Deeply relaxing and effective. A clothed treatment.


Available for group or individual guided meditation sessions

Reflexology (Feet or Hands)

The feet help to set the tension level in the rest of the body, the primary benefit of reflexology is that it interrupts the stress signal, therefore it promotes relaxation and restores balance. A session consists of pressure, stretch and movement to each foot in sequence, ending with a foot massage.


A technique originating in Japan which harnesses Universal energy for improving health and enhancing the quality of life, treating the whole being. A clothed relaxation treatment where the practitioners hands are placed on or near the body to initiate healing. Also available as a distant healing session.

Relaxation Massage with Aromatherapy

A variety of muscle melting massage techniques are utilized in combination with a personal blend of essential oils for a full body experience. Relax and rejuvenate, ease away stress, become peaceful in your mind, soothed in your body and nourished in spirit.


Traditionally this Japanese whole body treatment is performed on a floor mat through loose comfortable clothing. It is the application of finger, thumb and palm pressure to specific points (tsubo) in sequence combined with stretching and holding positions for dissolving tension and allowing energy to flow freely through the energy channels (meridians) of the body. This treatment stimulates and balances all body systems, allowing the recipient to relax deeply and get in touch with their own healing power. The benefits include reduced stress and fatigue, increased circulation of blood and lymph, reduced blood pressure and muscle stiffness, increases vitality, stamina and energy. it has been known to reduce pain, improve mobility and circulation, ease restless legs, assist with headaches, hot flashes and much more. Floor or table treatments available.

Sound Therapy

Using Tibetan Bowls, rattle, drum, using the vibrations of these ancient instruments to reset the body and energy systems within and around the body. A stand alone treatment or used in combination with energy healing using crystals and essential oil therapies.

Target Massage

Just like it sounds, focusing on a specific area of the body for physical relief and relaxation. 

Typically a 30 minute session.

Wellness Counselling and Life Coaching

The Holistic Life Plan

A customized holistic approach to wellness for body, mind, heart and Soul. Exploring your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being, creating a plan of action to enable you to live your best life. Using a variety of tools, techniques, ideas and treatments according to your requirements.


  • On site treatment services for retreats, re-unions, corporate events, celebrations, showers and festivals.
  • Special discount group rates apply.
  • Quality essential oils and Exclusive Blends in stock.
  • Gift Certificates